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The Unity of the Species: Realising Our Potential by Brian Corvin

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The Unity of the Species: Realising Our Potential by Brian Corvin

In the 19th century, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of the Species showed us where we had come from in the distant past. Now, in the 21st century, Brian Corvin's The Unity of the Species shows us where we are going in the foreseeable future.

The Unity of the Species: Realising Our Potential by Brian Corvin
Non-fiction, commentary, philosophy, social science, politics and government, comparative religion
148 printed pages. Paperback.
First published in Ireland, in 2023 , under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-48-6

About the Author

Brian Corvin was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1937 but he considers himself to be a citizen of the world.

His first book, The Dream Journey, was published in 2010 and this was followed, in 2016, by The Unity Project, which completed the cycle that he set out to achieve with his first book. His third book, The Compendium contains, in addition to poetry and haiku, some short stories and one-act plays as well as an autobiographical fragment. His latest book, The Unity of the Species: Realising Our Potential, outlines the path that he believes humanity must travel in the foreseeable future.

He has been inspired by Bahaullah, the prophet of globalisation but feels that his writing should be grounded in the here and now of the world that he finds around him

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