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100 Psalms: Praises, Deliverance, Penitence & More by Ukachukwu Okorie

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100 Psalms: Praises, Deliverance, Penitence & More by Ukachukwu Okorie

100 Psalms is a revelation from Chukwu Okike Abiama, God in Igbo, to his son, Ukachukwu Okorie in the city of Naas, Republic of Ireland during a troubled era.

His ancestors hail from Owerri, the heartland of Biafra however, Ukachukwu (Word of God) was born in Okigwe, a city known for hilly farmlands.

As a child who grew up without his biological mother, Uka faced great uncertainty in life. However, the joy of a protective God, who is the Alpha and Omega, despite tribulations, knows no bounds.

In you, my confidence lay.
I saw the torrents flow against me
But you inspired me to go.

The above verse, from Psalm 77, aptly captures the key message in these prayers. Although the writer’s confidence in God is unshakable, as each psalm portrays, nevertheless, he finds time to call upon the GREAT ONE to hasten and rescue him from a difficult situation or the evil one, as prayed in Psalm 13 below –

Where are you, Lord?
Let me see the Lord of Hosts.
The one and only mighty God.

Ukachukwu Okorie is married to Onyebuchi and they are blessed with twins, Jideofor and Chinyere (Adauka) and Ukamaka.

100 Psalms: Praises, Deliverance, Penitence and More by Ukachukwu Okorie
Non-fiction, prayer book, psalms, African literature, Christian literature
142 printed pages. Paperback.
First published in 2020
ISBN: 9798685861023

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