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I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie

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Front cover of I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by T.J. Gillespie

T.J. Gillespie (aka Tom na gCapaillín), growing up in the county of Sligo on the west coast of Ireland, saw horses all around him and took them for granted. Some enchanted day, he knew he must learn more, so he listened and watched and read and thought out the prevailing wisdom.

He put theory to the test, seeing what worked, gathering experience and not sparing himself in the effort for perfection. He devised and presented a very popular series of Horse and Pony Management courses, under the County Meath VEC Adult Education scheme, thereby gaining insight into other owners’ problems and points of view.

Now, he shares his unique experience of working with horses in this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide with illustrations and diagrams throughout. The subjects covered are wide ranging and written about in an engaging style. A commitment to good horsemanship is what this book seeks to impart.

Part One addresses the basics – safety, stabling, diet, learning to identify common ailments and how to respond. Foaling, weaning and preparing the horse for sales also come under the microscope.

In Part Two, he talks about following one’s dream. We learn about suppling exercises, gaits of the horse, clipping, the awkward cuss, overcoming mental blocks and prepping a horse for racing. This section also includes some history, anecdotes and illustrations from the world of horse breeding and equestrian pursuits.

TJ Gillespie’s understanding of horses is based on a lifelong passion and commitment that he has chosen to share. Whether you are learning about horses for the first time or, you have previous experience, there is much insight to be gained from this compact volume, coming from a knowledgeable source.

This really is the must-have book for any horse and equestrian enthusiast. TJ Gillespie’s commitment to the horse is a privilege that he wants to share and impart.

I Want to Really Learn about Horses by TJ Gillespie
Non-Fiction; sport and recreation, equestrian, horses
80 printed pages illustrated in colour and in black & white. Paperback (pamphlet-style binding).
First published in Ireland, in 2010, under the imprint of TAF Publishing. Re-issued in 2018 and under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher.
ISBN: 978-1-911442-12-7

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