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MacDaddy Spider by Ray J.F. Moore

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MacDaddy Spider by Ray J.F. Moore

with illustrations by Michelle Hopkins

MacDaddy Spider lives in a tree and every day, all is as it should be. All day long, he clambers about, fixing his web inside and out.

He wears a wee Tam o’ Shanter on his head, to remind him of all the little Scottish spiders who went before. Most days are brightly sunshine but sometimes it showers. He is a busy spider, who wants for nothing except, maybe, socks for his eight black, spindly legs.

Inspired by the nature that surrounds him and his own inventiveness, he soon overcomes his dilemma but not without some helpful advice from a passing Ladybird who, by reminding MacDaddy Spider of his heritage, shows him how to weave the full magic circle of our Creator’s bright light.

MacDaddy Spider by Ray J.F. Moore
Fiction, children's literature, illustrated verse, suitable for ages Pre-school +
16 printed pages, illustrated in full colour throughout, paperback (pamphlet-style binding)
First published in Ireland, in 2017, by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-01-1

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