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Peripheral by Faye Boland

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Front cover of Peripheral by Faye Boland featuring a painting by Jo-Anne Yelen

Peripheral by Faye Boland

Even prior to the publication of Faye Boland’s debut collection of poems (contained in this volume, Peripheral) her poetry had already drawn praise within literary circles.

"Faye Boland’s poetry is a happy combination of musical lyricism and intellectual subtlety. This combination produces poems that are charming and fascinating, which will compel readers to read and re-read them many times. This book will continue to fascinate all its readers during the years to come," according to Dr Brendan Kennelly, Irish poet and novelist.

"Recounted from an eclectic range of perspectives, Boland’s poems chart a restless search for home, for purpose. A judicious collection in an era when people feel increasingly disconnected from their own sense of worth," said fellow poet and Kerry native, Eileen Sheehan

The title poem, Peripheral, was overall winner of the Hanna Greally International Literary Awards in 2017 and this, in turn, resulted in the publication of this collection. Mary Melvin-Geoghegan, who was adjudicator at those awards, described the winning entry in these terms:

"The economy and freshness of language is riveting (my roof is the sky, the wind my walls, every night it blows the same word: Homeless, Homeless), form as scaffold, arrests the eye and ear. Each word is a volley of intent, like an espresso shot of thought that catches the heart off guard. We’re called to attention in the fluency of the poet’s intent, Boland’s style reminding of the Scottish poet, John Burnside…"

Faye Boland’s poems are enjoyed by many for their freshness and vivid descriptions of life and the world around her, that offers so much if only we can learn to appreciate it.

"We can almost smell the place she calls home; she makes it so real," remarks Matt Mooney in The Galway Review … and few would disagree.

Peripheral by Faye Boland
Poetry, contemporary, Irish authors
78 printed pages, paperback
First published in Ireland, in 2018, under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-15-8

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About the Author

Faye Boland lives in Kenmare, Co.Kerry. Her work has been published in numerous literary magazines and journals. She has won the Robert Leslie Boland poetry prize in 2018 and the Hanna Greally International Literary Award in 2017. She was shortlisted, in 2013, for the Poetry on the Lake XIII International Poetry Competition and was highly commended for a Kerry Literary Award (for fiction) in 2015. Her songs, Dreaming (2013) and All I Want is You (2015) are available on iTunes and also on her YouTube channel.

Further information about her upcoming readings, publications and awards are available from her website.

Reviews for this Book

Peripheral by Faye Boland is a colourful and thought-provoking cornucopia of poetic gems true to its eye-catching cover design. There is a good balance in the book between the light and shade of our lives. At the outset, I’d like to give mention here that her poetic themes are so varied but, in every case, her causes are so worthy, her issues soundly researched and her subjects always well focussed. … … We can almost smell the place she calls home; she makes it so real. She couldn’t have finished on a better note for me for, I was a spellbound traveller with her throughout her eclectic and exciting first collection, Peripheral. – Matt Mooney for The Galway Review, June 2019

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