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The Ghost in My House by Susan R. Murphy

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The Ghost in My House by Susan R. Murphy

"Welcome to your new home Donald. I died in this house and cannot leave, and so shall it be with you and your family," the apparition said.

A ghost story on a haunted house theme from Susan R. Murphy, author of The Immortals, a collection of "truly terrifying tales".

Donny together with his mom and dad and his sister, Tiffany move into a new home a small house in Lincoln Acres, part of National City in San Diego. At first, it seems like everything that they could have asked for but soon they learn that they are not alone. A gruesome murder took place in the house many years before and the victim is still crying out for revenge.

Susan Murphy was born in Columbus, Ohio. With her father serving in the US Navy, the family never stayed in one state for more than two years. All she remembers of Ohio is the cold, snow, red licorice and White Castle hamburgers. She lived with her mother and grandmother on Fairwood Avenue, in an old Victorian style home with the glass doorknobs. Her father was away at the time.

From the time she was three, her mother used to take her to see movies on the navy base. The first movie she saw was called Straight-Jacket, memorable for scenes of heads rolling down the staircase. From then on, she was hooked on anything horror. Susan played with her Barbie and Ken dolls, as most kids her age would but she played Vampires with them.

Over the years, Susan and her parents moved quite often and spent some time in Charleston, South Carolina, in a small trailer park. Railroad tracks were behind the park and the story goes that at the end of the tracks was a huge zoo, with all kind of creatures. From there, she moved often, ending up in San Pedro, California, which was uneventful. Her mom and dad bought their first house in San Diego and that is where she grew up from the age of twelve.

Over the years, her interest in horror, science fiction and mythology grew. One day, in 1993, she sat down and wrote a series of short stories on these subjects. She took the ideas from her life and the different places she had lived, as well as from relatives.

Susan has compiled this collection for all you avid readers out there, who are interested in not quite normal everyday routine things. These stories are intended to scare the daylights out of the reader and probably give you all nightmares or, to just get you thinking that there may be something else out there, not quite human. So, have fun, get scared and try to sleep; and let her know, as you are reading, if you can picture each creature, or scenario, in your minds.

The Ghost in My House by Susan R. Murphy
Fiction, short story, horror, haunted house
54 printed pages. Paperback.
ISBN: 9798564334242
First published in 2017

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