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The Meadow of the Bull: A History of Clontarf by Dennis McIntyre

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The Meadow of the Bull: A History of Clontarf by Dennis McIntyre

The Meadow of the Bull is the result of a detailed study of the Clontarf area in all its aspects. The author, Dennis McIntyre, in painstaking research, has captured the mood and the heart of Clontarf. Chapter by chapter, the story is told in an unrushed and thorough manner, tracing the area’s fascinating history, from the arrival of the first inhabitants through the coming of Christianity and the intrusions of the Vikings and the Normans, Daniel O’Connell and the ‘Monster Meeting that never was’, Lord Charlemont and the Casino, the Howth gun running episode, Clontarf Town Hall and the Easter Rising of 1916, the churches, the schools, the clubs as well as contemporary events all feature, making this book a must for all Clontarfites, teachers, students and anyone in any way interested in Irish and local history. A well-chosen selection of old and new illustrations delightfully adorns this book.

A more thorough approach to local history than is the norm. This is a scholarly, comprehensive work, embracing much of our national history. – C.N.H.
Mr McIntyre’s book will surely find its way into every Clontarf household and many more besides. It can rightly be regarded as the official history of Clontarf. – E.B.F.
A splendidly detailed account of Clontarf … but, it would be wrong to class this book as simply on the history of the area – the story mirrors national history. – Northside People
No effort at being glib or fashionable … anyone who has ever had anything to do with Clontarf should arm themselves with this book. – E.P.
Many historians, strong on political events admit that, when it comes to social history, we fall behind what Fanfani and Perienne have done on the continent. Mr McIntyre, in a well written, copiously illustrated and brilliant researched work has shown just how rich is the seam of local history. – Evening Herald
Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and detailed Dublin local histories ever … the period covered ranges from the Battle of Clontarf right up to the present day – and an added attraction are the scores of illustrations of the past and the present. – Dublin Historical Record

The Meadow of the Bull: A History of Clontarf by Dennis McIntyre
Non-fiction, Irish history, local history
294 printed pages with black & white and colour illustrations, paperback
First published in 1987 by The Shara Press. Second edition published in 2014.
ISBN: 978-0-9527311-2-2

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