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Twins 'n' Things by Ray J.F. Moore

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Twins 'n' Things by Ray J.F. Moore

with illustrations by Michelle Hopkins

Mayhem and mischief abound in a story about the chaos that ensues when young minds unleash their natural inquisitiveness.

The joy of childhood learning and discovery – where everything is a new adventure, a mystery waiting to be uncovered – gets free reign.

There is a cautionary note, however. Curiosity creates a world of possibilities and fuels our thirst for knowledge but, we must use it to learn how to recognise danger and keep ourselves safe.

Twins 'n' Things by Ray J.F. Moore
Fiction, children's literature, illustrated verse, suitable for ages Pre-school +
20 printed pages, illustrated in full colour throughout, paperback (pamphlet-style binding)
First published in Ireland in 2017 by The Manuscript Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-911442-03-5

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